The debut full-length Circular Reasoning album is here! Featured are extended stone grooves, a titanic horn section, audacious harmonies, the sensibilities of 1976 and the new sounds of 2016. Join us on a merry jaunt of funk, jazz and R&B! Available to stream and buy on Bandcamp.


Vocals/Keyboards: Mikko Nynäs
Guitar: Jim Sloan
Bass: David Murray/Evan Robertson
Drums: Dylan Swiggett
Trumpet: Ken Weller/Alex Kale
Trombone: Lukas Ng/Kendall Irby
Saxophones: Charlie Phillips/Leif Gustafson

Release Date: January 5th, 2016

Liner Notes:

Welcome to Circular Reasoning. What does that entail, exactly? Even I don’t know. That remains to be heard.

What is the essence of dance music from the perspective of a wall flower? Just how much intrigue can you squeeze out of a groove before it’s thrown to the wayside? If we rearrange the instrumental furniture in the room where funk lives, what exactly did we do to the carefully-planned sonic feng shui? The roots aren’t glamorous― in fact, they’re earthy and abrasive― but the results are real. A successful experiment? That’s in the ears of the beholder. We are but the minstrels.

We will explore the most idyllic of American settings and happenings: An overzealous, uncalled-for, spontaneous romp through the streets of New York City, the freezing point of the hopeful romantic, the cyclical nature of the wandering mind, the wondrous layers beneath our everyday surroundings, a long walk on the beach, off-guard-catchingly nostalgic romantic concessions, the absence of lyrical wizardry in the most crucial and intimate of situations, and the neglect of transient emotional anchors in favor of the infinite, soaring transcendence of music. In this funky room, there are many windows. Many windows! We invite you to peer through one that you may not have noticed before.

This album is dedicated to Rod [Temperton], my foremost inspiration.

About the Band

Circular Reasoning is an ensemble of home-grown, organic R&B and funk from the fertile grounds of the Seattle music scene. The band’s unconventional retrofitting of old-school sounds brings together a flashy horn section backed by mosaic of stone grooves and jazzy intricacies.

Featured Tracks

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