The debut full-length Circular Reasoning album is here! Featured are extended stone grooves, a titanic horn section, audacious harmonies, the sensibilities of 1976 and the new sounds of 2016. Join us on a merry jaunt of funk, jazz and R&B! Available to stream and buy on Bandcamp.


Vocals/Keyboards: Mikko Johnson
Guitar: Jim Sloan
Bass: David Murray/Evan Robertson
Drums: Dylan Swiggett
Trumpet: Ken Weller/Alex Kale
Trombone: Lukas Ng/Kendall Irby
Saxophones: Charlie Phillips/Leif Gustafson

Release Date: January 5th, 2016

Ice Cover

“Ice”: from Circular Reasoning (2015)

Wall Street Cover (Pencil)

“Wall Street”: from Circular Reasoning (2015)

Fish Cover

“Adrift”: from The Fish EP (2013)