Thought that “Ice”, the third track off our album, was weird? Well, we have created a music video to exacerbate that problem! Enjoy!

JANUARY 19TH, 2018:

We tried stripping the band down to the bare minimum number of instruments and played at Glass Beaches’ album release party. We ended up with an interesting sound— something lighter, with less calories and saturated fat than the full-meal deal. Gotta be health-conscious these days, right? Here are some selections from the uncommonly-sighted sub-band, “Triangular Reasoning”:

About the Band

Circular Reasoning is an ensemble of home-grown, organic R&B and funk from the fertile grounds of the Seattle music scene. The band’s unconventional retrofitting of old-school sounds brings together a flashy horn section backed by mosaic of stone grooves and jazzy intricacies.

Featured Tracks

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