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Circular Reasoning Spins New Album Circular Reasoning

Seattle-based funk and soul band Circular Reasoning announces the release of their debut self-titled album Circular Reasoning on January 5th, 2016. The album follows the autumn release of featured singles “Wall Street” and “Ice.” They’ll be playing an album release show at the High Dive with Seattle psychedelic jam band The Cosmic Shuffle.

Circular Reasoning draws from the infectious rhythms of old-school funk and the intricacies of modern jazz with a sprinkling of acid jazz and post-disco. Their unique grooves range from danceable to introspective as the band attempts to inundate the listener with unorthodox lyricism and rich textural experiments. SoundCloud is currently streaming the hard-hitting, horn-laden singles “Wall Street” and “Ice,” which constitute the opening tracks of the album: (

Circular Reasoning has been romping around the Seattle area since 2011, inspired by the many directions modern artists have taken old-school R&B since its heyday. The band has been featured at many Seattle venues, including the Nectar and the Columbia City Theater. Their musings have been sharpened into this album over the course of the past two years, which was recorded at K-Ham Studios in Georgetown, Seattle.

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Mikko Nynäs, Bandleader and Manager

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About the Band

Circular Reasoning is an ensemble of home-grown, organic R&B and funk from the fertile grounds of the Seattle music scene. The band’s unconventional retrofitting of old-school sounds brings together a flashy horn section backed by mosaic of stone grooves and jazzy intricacies.

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